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What I Do  -

A Paradigm Shift

"Unfortunately, most of what many of us know about audio equipment these days is filtered by how accurately we Googled a question."

Audio Systems Optimized is a service-only company, and what I do is right there in the name of audio system set-up and optimization. The sole focus is on you and your musical enjoyment. My service is all about me doing hands-on work on your existing home audio system – not about telling you what I think is wrong and how you might fix it. I'm not here to second guess your product choices but to make what you already own perform the way it should - your system, the way you want it.

Most audio components can and should function well together, but things can get very frustrating when the results you get at home differ from what you expected or read about in a great magazine review. Why doesn't the system deliver? Not because you bought the wrong components or the reviewer got it all wrong. It's almost always a set-up and optimization issue…

What I do not do is sell any equipment or accessories. There will never be a secondary profit agenda that my clients must be concerned about clouding my motives when working with them. From my perspective, it can be no other way, 

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