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Because I've been so long in the high end community, I also provide various services to some of the companies and people who design and manufacture the equipment you own and use at home.  I wanted to provide an area for you, my main clientelle, to read what my industry peers have written to me after I've worked with them as well.


Bea Lam

Owner, VTL Amplifiers, Inc


My experience of working with Stirling Trayle on turntable and system setup has spanned over five years at numerous high end shows.   It has been a most productive and satisfying experience working with Stirling.  He is a true professional with an in depth knowledge and skilful technique of fine tuning the system and especially the turntable to get the exacting performance that we have come to expect show after show.  Stirling’s patience, listening ability, and technical know-how to coax the highest level of performance out of turntable setup makes him an invaluable resource to us.   I have never encountered  someone who has such a systematic approach to setup prior to working with him.  Moreover, he has the uncanny ability to translate my feedback of what I’m hearing to concrete steps of improvements to the setup, and the end result is what makes the whole working experience so productive and satisfying. Thank you, Maestro, and I look forward to many more collaborations in the future.


Bea Lam


 VTL Amplifiers, Inc.

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