Loudspeakers - Positioning and Optimizing

"From the position of Audio Systems Optimized, I land firmly in the camp of "there is no problem too small to matter."

The precise placement and alignment of your loudspeakers is the single biggest and most vital variable in the overall performance of your system. Those speakers are the window through which you view your musical world. But, domestically speaking their placement can also be highly contentious. However, even in a space that isn’t dedicated for listening – and starting from what is considered acceptable in terms of room arrangements – in my experience the transformation in system performance that comes with proper positioning easily overcomes practical and aesthetic objections. It doesn’t even necessarily mean moving the speakers that far – just to the optimum position.


Loudspeaker placement is governed by the laws of physics: as limiting as that may sound, using physics to our advantage is a very powerful tool when it comes to overcoming limited positional options or the shortcomings of your listening room. Don't get me wrong, there are no free lunches here, but it's rarely, ever as bad as it looks.


Those laws embrace both the room itself and the way the speakers work within it. You’ll notice that this section is entitled Positioning And Optimizing. My approach is highly methodical, systematic and involves two distinct phases.